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November 5, 2007

Alright I give in, I am going straight to the drugstore and buying every = variety of vitamin B, C , D and Iron I see. Yesterday we lost an hour to = daylight savings time and all that means is there's one hour less to = snatch=20 all those nutrients from the sun which incidentally is also killing us. = It's so confusing this whole business of what to eat, what to drink and = whether=20 to slather 30 or 40 SPF sunscreen over every inch of your body. Eat fish = they say , not red meat and definitely not chicken ( especially the ones = with three heads). But heaven forbid it's tuna or salmon, they've got = enough mercury to make you a walking thermostat. Drink wine, red not white and = no=20 more then two glasses a day. If you have a sip more, then the valves en=20 route to your heart will go from being joyfully roomy and sturdy to=20 resembling the sides of a blow up kids pool after it's been poked apart = by=20 birds and is slowly deflating. They tell you to eat dark chocolate and = all=20 of a sudden it's a diet craze, with people packing on the pounds, "oh" = they=20 say "we forgot to say only eat 1.6 ounces a day- sorry about that". = Sorry is all they can say to the people who after quitting smoking not only have = to=20 deal with the pangs of nicotine withdrawal but cocoa from the chocolate = as=20 well. I guess the additional chocolate addiction is better then some of = the=20 other stop smoking aids. I know a woman who has been chewing Nicorette = gum=20 for twenty years- longer than she ever smoked and she chews a pack a = day.=20 Yes that's right, a pack a day for twenty years, you could build a = school in Africa for that amount of money. So you think you are on the straight = and=20 narrow, eating well, getting enough fibre, drinking enough water, = getting=20 enough sleep (but not too much, that's even worse), but still the = thought of going to the gym makes your head spin like the chick in the Poltergeist=20 movie. Then you turn on the news and there are pictures of Katie Holmes = ( a=20 mother of a toddler) standing at the finish line of the New York City=20 Marathon and then two hours later not only standing but smiling at her=20 husband's movie premiere and it hits you, forget the drugstore- you're = going straight to the Scientology center and signing up! The long term health=20 effects of religious cults haven't yet been pinpointed , but hey it = can't be worse then trans fats.

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