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JANUARY 8, 2008

I guess I should be thankful I didn't get a wave tattoo around my navel or the armband tattoo that was so popular ten years ago and all I did was get my belly button pierced. Ah the art of non thinking, ten years ago walking down Water Street on a whim I decided to pop my head into the tattoo parlour and see if they had any open appointments, thinking that they'd be booked up for weeks and by the time I could get in I would forget about the whole idea. Instead when I walked up to the front counter they told me someone had just cancelled a piercing and they could squeeze me in right away.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda turned around and walked out the door, but no, down to the basement I went and picked out a sterling silver ring and sat down in the chair as I mentally prepared myself for someone to stick a piece of metal in through my stomach with a gun. On this day I thought about the pain I was wilfully inflicting on myself, I did not think about the discomfort I would feel for the next three weeks while bathing and turning my new piece of jewellery, or that as a stomach sleeper I simply wouldn't sleep until it healed. I definitely didn't think about the two holes that would remain forever when I decided to remove it. I don't think I thought I'd have it in for the rest of my life, I just didn't think . Friends tell me that it doesn't suit me and that it always takes them by surprise and to be honest I've been surprised by it myself on more than one occasion. One of those times was visiting a school in Africa this summer and reaching my hands over my head as the kids were teaching us a traditional dance and the looks on the little girls faces as they saw something shiny in my stomach. It was like they saw Mickey Mouse or the Hollywood sign, something so North American they couldn't believe their eyes, I took them over to the corner where no one else would see and I let them check it out up close. It was almost like I had worn it for ten years just for that moment, sometimes it's nice to be hiding something out of character up your sleeve, so I'm going to have to come up with something new because tomorrow the ring is gone.

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