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JANUARY 28, 2008

I've been having these sharp pains of self aware anxiety, like people are looking at me, especially when I turn around to see that I am all alone. In restaurants I think I hear people calling my name, when in fact they are actually ordering food saying " I'm havin it", which sounds a lot like Davinet if you say it really fast. I keep having these suffocating dreams where I am all alone in a boat in the middle of a storm, with no water and no voice to scream for help. Every morning for a week I have woken up in a panic, I sit straight up in bed and go through the obvious checklist of things that could be wrong as I count the length of my inhalations and exhalations and try to slow down my breath and downgrade it's hurricane status. I always come to the same conclusion that everything is in order, nothing flammable was left plugged in overnight and I don't owe anyone money ( credit cards not included). This morning however I realized I had felt this way once before, I was five years old and driving away from St John's to go back to Labrador after the summer crying out " but my blanket, we forgot my blanket!", even then I knew it had been left behind on purpose, but still I was heartbroken. Now again as I prepare to put out my first solo record in six years, I feel the same way as I did that day, alone and quite chilly. Kim and I played in Saskatoon on Friday night and as always had a great time, laughing to kill ourselves and even harder when no one else does. The first time we went onstage as Shaye it was like coming home, the comfort of not having to be all alone up there, having someone you love to share the highs and the lows and the long drives with. So now I am getting ready to go to the ECMA's and perform my record for the first time, the thought of singing all alone leaves me excited and more then a little bit scared. I've always found that the things you are most scared of are the most rewarding, so I am hoping this holds true as I buckle down to rehearse without my blanket and rip the band aid straight off.

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