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JANUARY 14, 2008

There are times when you ask yourself "what is it all about?", when you just sit and stare, while occasionally pinching yourself to bring your heart rate back up to normal. Life is sailing by, you check off the days on your calendar, you pay your bills, you have a birthday, tax season rolls around, you shave your legs, you get your hair cut, over and over these things happen, it is your anticipated rhythm. Then something skips a beat and you find yourself in mid air without a game plan, stuck over a ravine with the Super Mario Brothers falling sound behind you, the suspense of will you end up safely on the other side or directly below and in that moment you have no idea. As soon as I finish a column every week I start thinking about what I am going to write about next week, but I wait until Sunday to start writing it because I want it to be as recent and true to my life as possible, which honestly means I usually write it on Mondays. Several times throughout the year my manager will get a call from me saying, I am stuck in a hotel with no wireless because of a storm, or my flights been cancelled and I won't get home in time to send it to you and each time she says that's why you should have your column written earlier, a contingency plan just in case something like that happens. So being the smartest person I know I take her advice now whenever I have a gig or have to travel and try to get it started ahead of time, but when I'm at home I stick to my down to the wire routine. So last week when she called looking for my column and I had to stifle my crying to tell her I wouldn't get it done until that night because a dear friend had passed that day, I had to think who has a contingency plan for a thirty two year old woman who goes into the hospital because she's feeling ill and a week later dies of bacterial pneumonia in the year 2008. The truth is Life has no contingency plan- this is it. So every day, live it and enjoy it and tell the people you care about you love them because you don't know a curve ball is a curve ball till it's coming right at you.

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